The Original Cannata Clan

Just in case any visitors... or even other Cannata kin... are interested in seeing what the family looked like in the 1970's, the pictures here are as classic as they come!

Jack - Cannata Number 1

Joe - Cannata Number 2

Nick (Richard) - Cannata Number 3

Kathleen - Cannata Number 4

Maureen -  - Cannata Number 5

Frank - Cannata Number 6

JImmy - Cannata number 7

Rosie - Cannata Number 8

Toni - Cannata Number 9

Michael - Cannata Number 10

Buddy - Cannata Number 11

Dave - Cannata Number 12

Bobby - Cannata Number 13

Steve - Cannata Number 14

Paul - Cannata Number 15

The Cannata Clan
This picture was taken sometime during the 1970

My Mother and Father
These two are the ones responsible for us all.


Anonymous said...

Hello from Syracuse NY. My name is Charlie Gowing, sometimes known as Gus or Buddy. Your brother and I hung out for a couple of years in the Hyde Square area. I lived on Sheridan St. I shared a lot of hangovers with Nick and he slept at my house many times. He was a friend. My sister Suzanne used to pal around with Maureen. Nicky came to my wedding in 1964 with a many of our friends from JP. I have a picture that I could send if you’d like. Found your info on FB. My email is I’m FB friends with Buddy C.

Unknown said...

Mikey, your ordering is slightly off. Bobby was older than I am, so he is #13 and I am #14.